Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Bathroom Experience

So today I'm at the far urinal in the bathroom at work. The one against the wall. I'm standing there doing my thing, when an old guy comes in. He walks over behind me (I mean right behind me) and starts messing around with the toilet seat covers that are mounted on the wall for people to grab. He keeps shuffling around back there and I'm thinking what the world? Is he afraid of germs or something and is just getting a ton of those covers? I'm getting more nervous now.

So as I wrap things up, I notice that he still hasn't gone into a stall (there are 3 open), but is sorta just standing outside the one occupied stall. Then all of a sudden he goes into a stall, leaves the door open and starts rolling all the toilet seat covers that he has taken into a ball, while still standing in the stall. He then drops the ball of toilet seat covers in the the toilet. This is when I walk out and wash my hands quickly. About 5 seconds later, he walks out and follows me out as I leave.

It was weird.

1 comment:

  1. Is he still following you? Then I would be really worried.