Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Few Reasons I like Board Games

My wife and I now own over 125 board games plus expansions, so needless to say I enjoy board games. Here are a few quick reasons why I enjoy them.

  • Competition - I've always enjoyed competing at whatever I can. Sports of all kinds or fishing or work. Doesn't really matter, I just like competing against someone. Even though when it came to basketball winning really mattered, in board gaming it doesn't seem to matter as much. It's the competition that matters. One of the more prolific board game designers once said, "The goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning". 
  • Friends and Family - Board gaming allows me to spend time with friends and family, but not in front of a screen. I like watching movies and TV, but at he same time sitting across the table from someone and discussing the game or what happened during the day is just better.
  • Physical Components - I like all the card board, cards, wood, plastic, dice, and all the other items that come with board games.It's fun to see the map expand, build your city, or march your armies across the board and destroy your enemies before you!
  • Thinking - That's right. I enjoy thinking. I like trying to figure out the best strategy to use and watching as it either comes to fruition or is burns out in in a great ball of flames. It is good exercising my brain and seeing how the game mechanics come together and make a whole.
So there are just a few reasons I enjoy playing board games. So today on Thanksgiving, grab a game, a family member or friend, some left over turkey and have fun!

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    1. I've enjoyed them all (except when Katie beats me without even paying attention or "thinking" about what's happening. Also ... thank for the guilt of moving to the bigger screen to watch football. (glad you are here to watch it with me!)