Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2nd Annual National Game Night

That's right. Today is the National Game Night. Who would have thought? I'll tell you who....Hasbro. In my opinion very smart marketing to declare a certain day each year National Game Night. People all of the United States might go and pick up a new game to play for the night along with eating pizza and ice cream. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about game nights and think Monopoly is better than nothing.At the same time though, there is a National Game Week in November that is promoted by a not-for-profit in order to bring more awareness to non-electronic games that isn't promoted by Hasbro who basically has the board gaming market cornered in the United States for the average consumer out there.

This National Game Week isn't designed as a marketing ploy by Hasbro to get people to play their specific games, but rather as a get together with your family this week and play a game face to face. Enjoy their company without having to watch Dancing with the Stars or NCIS or the dozens of Law and Orders out there. There are times and places for TV and movies and other kinds of entertainment, but I think you would be well served in getting family and friends together and playing a board game over some favorite snacks.

So I'll leave with a couple game suggestions that are outside the normal realm of Hasbro games you find on the shelves at Wal-Mart and suggest you not only participate in National Game Night tonight, but participate in National Game Week this coming November.

Here are a few suggestions of games that are great for a get together with family and friends 10 years old and up:
Dominion - For a game card game unlike any you have ever played before. Probably my family's favorite game.
Ticket to Ride - Build your trains across the USA and score points based on how well you connect your routes.
Carcassonne  - Watch the landscape spread across the table as your knights and farmers control the countryside.
Hey! That's My Fish! - Use your penguins to eat more fish than the other players.
For Sale - Buy your houses at the lowest possible price and then sell them to make the most money.

Now I'm going to try to convince my wife to play a game with me!