Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Revolutions

Yeah, I messed up the title on purpose. Seemed fun.

You knew it would be here as it always happens this time of year throughout the world. People decide to do some New Year’s Resolutions! Then they break them by January 12th. Well, I’m not going to disappoint; here is my list of resolutions for the year. I’ll even include the odds that I’ll complete them.

1. Work out. What a surprise, you say! Yeah, well if everyone else can have this one, I will too. But, as I’ve had drilled into my brain for years in business school, a non-specific goal is worthless. So here are my specifics for this resolution. First, I was going to say do P90X like no other. This is still a possibility, but doubtful. My goal though is to lift weights, ride the bike, or play some sport that makes me run (we’re not talking softball here), at least 3 days a week. This will allow me to get back to 180 lbs (I’m barely above this) and more importantly feel better. I’ll also have such a ripped physique that the IMPD will make it illegal for me to mow the yard with my shirt off (Okay, this part isn’t really a goal, just something funny). Percentage of completing: 12.5%.

2. Relearn the guitar. I used to serenade the local old ladies with my guitar playing and crooning from the open window in my old apartment. Okay, all of that is a complete lie, but I did used to play the guitar a bit. I’ve now accomplished all the education that I feel I’m going to accomplish in my life, so this is the next step for becoming a well rounded person, while becoming less round around the middle by working out. So here is the specific goal: play well enough to bring the guitar to a campfire this summer and have some people sing along (By sing along, I mean they sing, while I play). Percentage of completing: 25%

3. Play all my board games at least 1 time. For some of you, this might not seem like a very big resolution. You might just say, not a problem, I’ll do that this weekend. For me though, this is a bit more of an endeavor. Currently, according to my reckoning, I have 131 board games, card games, and expansions for them. So I’m thinking, without counting right now, that I’ll have about 100 base games to play in the next year. In the past several years I’ve probably played about 300-500 individual sessions of games, so that means this year anywhere from 10-30% of the games I play in 2011 need to be a unique game I own. With a 2nd kid on the way, this might be difficult. However, I talked to Krista about it and she is on board (get it?). So my odds are better. I’ll probably have to have several guy nights to play one longer game to be sure this gets done. Percentage of completing: 83.333333% or the chances of rolling anything but a 6 on a regular 6-sided die.

4. Not right so many blogs with lists! I do this a lot. But I’m not going to be specific about this. Especially since my next blog is going to be “the Top 10 New to Me games of 2010”. Please don’t ruin your life while waiting in anticipation for this next blog. 

Thanks, your friendly neighborhood list blogger guy.

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