Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gunsmoke and Trophy Making

Yesterday I got my black powder .50 caliber rifle out and shot it a few times. It was shooting high last year, so I lowered it a couple clicks, where I feel it is a bit more on. I even took a shot at 90 paces, which is give or take 100 yards or so. Can't say my aim was that great, but I feel confident I can hit what I need to hit.

After that I went to change the oil on my truck, since it has been about 3,000 miles since it has been changed. However, after lifting it up, I realized another reason I can't stand Wal-Mart. They changed my oil for me last time, because I just couldn't get down to Shelbyville to do it myself. They cranked the plug on extremely tight and also rounded the nut, so I couldn't get it off. I'm going to have make a visit to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get it taken care of.

Since this upcoming weekend is our 5th annual Puerto Rico tournament, I figured it was about time we had a trophy for the winner. So I took a pine board and using a jigsaw cut a circle from it and spray painted it gold, which I then mounted on another mahogany stained board. Now each year the winner of the tourney has a something to hang on their wall to brag about. Later this week I'll post more about the 13th Extravaganza, which is what the PR tournament is a part of and then afterwards I'll write about how it went.

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