Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Recommendation List

I'm getting older. I can't remember things anymore. Like where I left my wallet, where I put my shoes, and....okay, those things I've always forgotten. Just ask my wife. Or my mom. Or both of them. However, a couple months ago I did decide to use the notes function on my iPhone to keep track of book/movie/games recommendations that I get throughout the week in just general conversations. Just because someone gives me a recommendation, doesn't mean it gets on the list, but at the same time if it piques my interest its got a chance. Now, of course, my game recommendations listed are going to be smaller because I play more games than most people and I usually learn about them on anyways and put them on my wish list there. So here is the list.


  • Shiloh, 1862 - I know absolutely nothing about this book. I just know it is about the Civil War in some way and as I was playing a lot of Battle Cry when it was recommended to me it made the list.
  • Flowers for Algernon - I think it is about a guy who gets real smart and then loses his smartness. Either way, I'm intrigued. 
  • Kristen Laveron's Datter - I guess this is a really old book and originally written in Scandinavia some where. I've never read a Scandinavian book. So this makes the list. 
  • Darth Plagueis - Yes, this is a Star Wars book. Chris, one of the students in the youth group, recommended it to me. He thought I'd enjoy it and not really have to have read other Star Wars books, so it's on the list.
  • The Maze Runner Series - I've had this recommended by 3 different people, so with that much recommending, it is on the list and is even reserved from the library. So this one will be crossed off soon.
  • Redwall - My little sister is all about this series. I remember starting them while in school, can't remember much more, I think I'll try again.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer - I saw the trailer for the movie, understood the premise, and thought it sounded fun.
  • Dune - I started this one, had to take it back to the library, so I just picked up a used copy. I can tell I'm going to like this one. A huge epic in the making, at least from the first 6 chapters or so. Once I finish Sherlock Holmes, this is next.
  • 11/22/63 - About a time-traveler that tries to stop the JFK assassination. Stephen King has been hit and miss with me. I've only attempted to read two of his books before, but this has me interested.

  • Rolling Freight - A board game about trains and delivering goods with dice! I heard this on a podcast, so I had to put it in my notes, I've since watched a video review. This looks right up my ally.

  • Ha! I just realized I've already watched both movies that were on my list. Waiting on Superman & Special When Lit. Both are documentaries and I enjoyed both. 
So that is the list, turns out it is mostly books, so make some suggestions for me! We'll see if they make the list and eventually get read/played/watched.


  1. Couple book recommendations : Ready Player One. People who grew up in the 80s will enjoy it the most, so not sure if you qualify ;-) The writing is average, but the 80s nostalgia and mystery/plot is good. Another recommendation from the great geekdad blog. He just released the paperback and is doing a very cool promotion: he's hidden an easter egg/clue/mystery in the print books, about an online game contest, just like in the book.

    The Dune prequels. The ones on each house, just before the original Dune books, not the additional prequels which were written later, but covered a much earlier time. Follow that? I think these were written by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson. Anderson wrote one of the first trilogies in the Star Wars universe set after the original trilogy, but before ep. 1-3 movies were made, and sorta drummed up interest in making those movies.

    1. I have had several people recommend Ready Player One, just don't know if I'd get all the 80s references, since I wasn't even 7 when they ended.