Friday, June 29, 2012

The Musings of a Three Year Old

This is my 100th post. I honestly didn't think I'd get that far when I first started writing this blog, but here I am. Today is also Kaylee's 3rd birthday and so I thought I'd give you readers a few things she says that I think are pretty funny.

1. She is constantly pointing out crosses. She'll say there is a cross daddy! There is another cross. She doesn't realize that most of the time she his pointing out churches, but we'll get there.

2. Whenever we say anything about time, she says it is 11:40. Doesn't matter what time of day it is, whether it is dark out, raining, or bright and sunny. If I ask Krista what time it is, Kaylee pipes up and says it is 11:40.

3. She likes to find out if we're happy. Maybe Krista and I'll be having a little argument, maybe we'll just be eating dinner, Kaylee just likes to randomly ask us if we're happy. I think this is interesting. First, because she cares about us and wants us to be happy. Second, because I know someday I'm going to have to teach hur the difference between happiness and joy.

4. About 4 months ago we went to a car wash. Ever since then, she is always asking if we're going to a car wash. If she sees anything that remotely resembles a car wash, she automatically thinks that is where we are going.

So those are the 4 musings of a three year old. Happy birthday to my Kaylee! Now I see it's about 11:40 and time for me to go...


  1. Haha...that's awesome!

    My daughter (will be 5 in September) had two imaginary friends for her whole 3rd year, named Alex and Fiend. We have NO CLUE where she got these names. They went everywhere and did everything with her. We played along with it and had much fun. No kidding, a few days after her 4th birthday, someone asked her about them and she said, "I'm 4 now and they don't live here, anymore." And that was that! :-)

  2. That is a great story Jason. I'm wondering what the 3rd year will bring for Kaylee. Should be interesting to find out!

  3. I love that ya'll have her pointing to the cross! She is going to be a wonderful evangelist in whatever God has for her.

    Thanks for being a great son-in-law, a great husband, and a great dad!