Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest on a Podcast

A couple weeks ago On Board Games, a board gaming podcast I regularly listen too, sent out a request on Twitter for a guest to join them on their show. I like the show a lot, have always wanted to try podcasting just for the experience, and so responded I'd like to join them. They graciously allowed me to do so and so on a Tuesday night, with the kids in bed and Krista gone to hang out with friends, I had a conversation with them.

I knew exactly zero about pod-casting, so Donald suggested I download Audacity which is a free program to help with recording. I then watched a couple YouTube videos, saw I could use my iPhone as a mic, purchased a cord to connect it to me computer and tried a couple tests. They sounded horrible. However, with some tinkering, I got them to sound at least listenable. I had to turn off the AC, turn of the dehumidifier, and put the computer up away off the table to try and keep the fan noise from the mic. You can tell though, I'm not near the professional recorder as the On Board Games guys are. I'm sure Erik made it even better, but without a doubt the quality when I'm talking isn't near as good as theirs.

It was a really cool thing to do, I'm happy that Don & Erik allowed me to join them and would love to do it again! However, it also convinced me that doing it on a re-occurring basis has got to be a lot of work. The part I was involved with, just talking, is easy enough. However, getting the sound right, editing the show, and putting the clips in the right areas seemed like to me it would be a lot of work. Maybe someday I can work up the courage to become a regular contributor on a board game podcast out there...perhaps reviewing old games or talking about gaming group tips. Either way, I want to thank On Board Games for allowing me on the show and giving me the experience!

If you want to listen to the show, we talk about the different types of convention and why we attend them: Take Me Out to the Con Game - Episode 83.

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