Saturday, June 25, 2011

Being a Husband

A couple weeks ago I was able to watch game 6 of the NBA Finals in 3D and a buddies house. I had a great time, but the thing I actually remember most was what one of the announcers said. When talking about Dwyane Wade, to paraphrase he said Wade had come through a lot in the past year because of a custody battle over his children. Which was brought about from him cheating on his wife and her filing for a divorce. Then, literally just a minute or two later, the announcer praised Wade for being great father, very loving and doting to his children. I immediately said, "What the world?!"

To me this is a very twisted view of what a loving and doting father really is all about. To be a loving father to your kids, you have to start with your wife. You can't love your kids, with out first loving your wife. Do you think caring for your kids starts with running around on your wife? Absolutely not. Loving your kids begins first by honoring your wife. They see their mother being treated respectfully and with love by their father, then they will know not only how to love their mother themselves, but will feel the love of their dad. What kind of love is given to a kid by destroying the home and splitting the family? It doesn't matter how doting you are too them, giving them gifts, taking them to their baseball games, or piano lessons doesn't fulfill the need of having a safe and loving environment for that to take place in. That loving environment starts with the husband loving the wife. It is the husband's responsibility to do it too, it starts with him.

I'm writing this on my 6th anniversary with my wonderful wife Krista. I love her a whole lot and so part of the reason I'm writing this is to remind myself of my own responsibility and promise I've made to her. To love her and cherish her and thus love and cherish our kids.

In Titus, when Paul is discussing leaders, he points out being a leader starts with being faithful to your wife, then taking care of your children, then leading in the church. So today, I challenge you, and myself, to be that type of husband (or if you are a wife encourage your husband). One that loves his wife and by doing so loves his children.


  1. Great post, Adam. True. Blessings to you and Krista. Congrats on six years and many more!

  2. Excellent - for both men and women.