Monday, May 9, 2011

Collecting Games

When is something collecting? I've always been a collector from the time I was young. I like having things organized and listed and nicely collected. Here is a quick list of things I've collected: baseball, hockey, football, and basketball cards. I think I have many of these still somewhere around my house. At one time I really collected David Robinson cards & Reggie Miller cards. My two favorite players in the the 1990s in the NBA. I've also collected stamps and I think I still have a Ben Franklin stamp from 1903. Another thing I collected was Pogs. You remember those? They were popular for about 1.7 days back in 1996 or there abouts. I loved getting all the eight balls.

Now I'm an adult, I collect other things. Louis L'Amour books, which I still need about 10 to have a complete set of novels. Though I'm tired of them publishing a bunch of short stories together, with only 1 new story in the book that they found in some file drawer somewhere. I also collect board games and that is what spawned this post. I just bought another game, Dungeon Lords, which is an awesome game and in my Top 25 Games of all time.

All of these things that I've collected though, doesn't make me a collector. I hear what are thinking right now, "You have over 100 Louis L'Amour books and 100 board games and still have pogs sitting around and don't think you're a collector?!" Okay, I understand your chagrin, but let me explain why I'm not a true collector. I collector collects just to collect. I collect to use. I have played all but 2 of my board games, read every Louis L'Amour book, and as for the pogs...okay well, we won't go there. So I'm a collectuser. I like having everything organized and loved my match box cars collection that I kept in a bucket when I was nine, but I always raced those cars and play my board games or read my books.

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