Sunday, January 9, 2011

Every 100 Games Series - No Thanks!

I recently just logged my 2200th game played. It actually was the last game I played in 2010 and that game was No Thanks! No Thanks is a filler game that I’ve played now for several years, I think the first time I played it was at GenCon 2006 with some guys that would in the next couple years become my good gaming buddies. It has seen continued played since then, first using friends’ copies and then for the past year or so, using my copy. Here are 5 reasons that No Thanks might be a game for you.

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1. It is the simplest game I’ve ever had to teach. Here I’ll teach it to you now. Take a card or put a chip on it. Try to make runs of cards, because when a card is in a run only the lowest card counts. Cards are positive points and chips are negative points. You want the least amount of points. Oh, yeah, and by the way 9 cards will be missing from the deck, so don’t count on everything showing up that you need!

2. It is inexpensive. I’m not going to say cheap, because the cards are of good quality. For less than $7 you can have this game fill those slots in-between bigger games with great fun! That isn’t a bad deal at all, since some other of my filler games are $20+ when it comes to purchasing them (I’m looking at you Eagle Games’ High Society!).

3. Players shouldn’t get any analysis paralysis. I mean there is only one decision each turn. Do I put a chip on the card or do I take the card? That is it. So even the most AP prone people don’t have a problem with this game, which after all, is another reason it is a solid filler.

4. It’s fun to “play” the other players. Sometimes, even though you really don’t need a card, you just take it to screw with another player who does need it. This is fun, in my opinion! But what makes it more fun is trying to decide how long you can let chips stack up on the card before you take it? You got to know the other players. Are they risk takers? Are they willing to hurt their own position to hurt you?
5. It’s a great game to talk over. There isn’t a lot going on in this game. If you are like me and want to do something while you talk, then you can’t go wrong with No Thanks. It makes for a great after dinner game with some non-gaming friends, just sitting around, drinking some coffee, and shooting the breeze while tossing chips on the cards.

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No Thanks provides you with a good game that only takes 10-15 minutes to play while waiting on that mammoth game on the next table to finish up. The card quality is good and you can play it a lot. The little twist of removing 9 cards from the deck really makes the whole game – since even though you hope that 28 comes up so you can connect your run of 25, 26, 27 to your run of 29, 30, 31, you just don’t know! Even though it isn’t my favorite filler, the reason being the tougher decisions of Fairy Tale & High Society aren’t in No Thanks, it is a game that I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase.

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