Monday, January 17, 2011


It's funny how different I am in my work life versus my personal life. To be more specific, my work email versus my personal email. At work, I have hundreds of individual folders that I put emails in. I even have rules set up so that when I specific type of email goes out or comes in it automatically goes to specific folders. I never let my inbox get up to more than 100 emails in it without going through and cleaning it out. If I need to find an email, I can find it withing a couple minutes usually.

Now my personal inbox at home is a different story. I do have about 8 folders now, since I just added a couple. I hardly ever clean it out, though I just did now since I had over 300 emails in it and I'm getting ready to start contacting companies for IndyCon and I need a clean space to work. Some of the emails were Borders advertisements, a ton were e-board (an email group at church), several were Amazon emails, a few personal notes, some forwards from friends. Mostly just a bunch of stuff.

I wonder how different I am in other areas of my life when it comes to work and home?

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