Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reading Through the Bible

The first time I read through the Bible was when I was 18 years old. I the second time sometime in my early 20s. This time I'm attempting it again in my early 30s. It can be an intimidating endeavor. I almost typed task there instead of endeavor and that is exactly what I don't want it to be...a task. I've used that excuse before though, you know the one, if I do this it'll be a task and not really from the heart, but a lot of times that is just an excuse. Many times things in life that are worth doing take effort and dedication and doing when it is inconvenient or not your first choice to be doing the doing.

I'm reading through the Bible this year because I want to be reminded of the God I serve. Right now I'm in Exodus, I'm actually 3 days behind, and reading about he curtains of the tabernacle and the clothes that Aaron the High Priest should wear. What he has done in history with real people and for real reasons. I know I won't understand it all or for that matter read every so-in-so begat so-in-so word for word, but it will help remind me on a daily basis why the God of the Universe did what he did. It's that Never Giving Up Never Stopping Always and Forever Love that I've talked about here before just layed out in curtains of a tabernacle and clothes of an old priest that I read about today.

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