Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Now I'm Podcasting

Well it had to happen eventually. I've started a podcast with my good pal Jeremy. I've always thought it would be fun to podcast, but never really wanted to do it for board games, because I felt like if I did I'd constantly have to be playing new games and never would get a chance to really focus on a older games. Enter Android: Netrunner. It is a Living Card Game (fancy words Fantasy Flight Games made up) which means it is constantly getting small expansions that change the dynamics of the game. So I'm able to play one game over and over again, but have it always be different. A perfect subject for a podcast!

I help organize a league of Netrunner every other Monday night. Jeremy and I play this usually at least once ever other week as well once the kids go to bed. We talk about it a lot, the strategies, the cards, fun things that happened in a given game. So we decided to record our talks on purpose and have a good time with it. We started with a free account on podbean.com, but that didn't last long, as we quickly ran out of bandwith (which is awesome!) and so paid to bump up to the next level.

I built a really simple website for us, Jeremy is working on designing a logo, and now we're calling ourselves local media personalities. We record in my bedroom, which is the quietest place in the house as it is the furthest spot from the furnace. Of course we got to wait until the kids are in bed, nobody is walking around, and not to sit on a squeeky chair. Currently we're recording just into the iPad microphone, using BossJock an app I downloaded, but I'd like to pick up an inexpensive microphone to improve our quality.

There are several good Netrunner podcasts out there like Corp Draw or SanSan South, so we're trying to do something that is different than they do. We want people that enjoy the game to listen and here about a real group of players who discuss what they are actually playing and seeing in their local meta rather than focus on reviews of all the latest cards or news about the game.

Well, that is the next step I've taken into this hobby called gaming. If you're a Netrunner player or just curious give a listen. I've installed a digital listen counter in the back of my hand, like a real hacker would do, so I can always know how many of you care.

Here is the latest episode if you are interested: http://indynetrunners.podbean.com/e/episode-3-over-achieving/

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