Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guild of Thieves: There is an App!

It has been nearly a year now since I "published" (read made available for print on demand and print and play) my game Guild of Thieves. Since then I have come up with a few new cards for a potential expansion that I've play-tested a little bit. I've also considered, even now, changing the point value of a card and changing the movement of another card. I'm not going to though, because I imagine, the game will never truly be done. There will always be something I think I can tweak or improve and so I have to just leave it be unless I get a real publisher.

Speaking of a publisher, Cards Against Humanity, a game that has done well recently ran a contest for new designers to enter their game in a type of game tournament for GenCon this year. They'll pit these games against each other and finally declare a winner that'll get a bit of money towards having their game professionally published! I entered Guild of Thieves. I hope with its short play time, relatively cheap components, and ease of learning, that it will do well in the short period they have at GenCon to determine a winner. If so, next year will be a really busy year for me!

Finally, there is now an app for Guild of Thieves. Okay, well this is an app for those phones that connect to the internet, via a web browser and just play the game online. I still think it counts. A local Indianapolis gamer, Jeff Huter, does online versions of various board games at www.slothninja.com, where you can play asynchronously with people from all over. He offered to put Guild of Thieves up there, for which I'm extremely grateful, so go and try it out. I'm going to try and play 3-5 games of it at a time and would love to play any of you readers if you'd like. Let me know your Sloth Ninja user name once you create an account and we can get a game going.

Maybe I'll get that bug of designing another game again soon and can flesh out City Planner or Bad Bass Fishin' in the next year... 

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