Sunday, May 26, 2013

Every 100 Games Series - TocToc Woodman

Wow. I've now played 4,000 games since beginning to log game plays in March of 2006. That is a lot. My number of plays has even been increased recently because I've been playing a lot of shorter card games and much more kids games, one of which is TocToc Woodman and the subject of this review.

The game comes with several core pieces, that have slots for 4 pieces of bark to be slid on them. You then stack all of these pieces on top of each other to make a trunk of a tree. The only other thing the game comes with is a plastic ax.

Game Play
Probably the simplest game you're ever going to come across. On your turn you take the ax and tap twice (toc toc...get it?) on the wooden tower. You are trying to knock off the bark from the tree, but not the center pieces. Each bark piece you knock off gets you a point, but each center piece you knock off gives you negative 5 points. Once all the bark is knocked off the tree, players add up their score, declaring the best lumberjack out there.

Toc Toc Woodman is a fun game. However, it is more of a fun game with 4 year-olds than it is with adults. Currently this is Kaylee's most requested game and since it plays very quickly we play it two or three times a session. The pieces are very good, the price is cheap, and it is one that will be sure to draw a crowd and can be played with a lot of people.

Jenga Players: I'd say go elsewhere. Jenga is just cool. It takes more skill. It doesn't bounce completely all over the place like the light plastic pieces of Toc Toc. You probably won't enjoy Toc Toc Woodman.

Parents of 4-8 year olds: Get this game. It gives you a great opportunity to play with your kids, but at the same time is over very quickly if you want or need it to be. It also is one of those rare games where they'll be just as good as you at it, so they won't be as discouraged.

Lumberjacks: Umm...sure...get this game...if you like to play like you like to work.

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