Saturday, April 20, 2013

Man or Muppet?

I have a song that is quickly becoming my favorite song of all time. It is Man or Muppet from the latest Muppet Movie. The reason I love it so much though isn't that it is such a great song (yeah, but it is though), rather it is because both my girls have grown to love it at separate times. Kaylee was 2 when the movie came out, we watched it, and then I downloaded that song. We sang it together all the time, watched the YouTube video over and over, and enjoyed it together. Well, fast forward to now and Ella has now fallen in love with the song. She insists we sing it to her when we put her to bed and calls it "Daddy's Song"  with her new found words. We watch the YouTube video again, they have their part (the Muppet's part of course) and I have my part (the Man part for those of you struggling here).

I think I need to start playing this song for the baby in Krista's belly (Galadriel if a girl, Meriadoc if a boy). Here is the video for those of you who need to hear it, and for those of you who should here it, and for those of you who will hear it:

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