Thursday, March 22, 2012

War of the Ring Painted!

I've recently finished painting my 204 miniatures for the War of the Ring board game I own. I traded for the game back in August and decided I would paint it. I didn't get started painting it until October when I convinced my buddy Juan (who paints for 40k) to help me. In exchange I've played a few Warhammer: 40k games with him. So one Sunday night I went over to his house, with my Sauron Orcs in tow, and he showed me how to paint them. It takes a lot of work, priming, doing the main colors, doing the accent colors, putting sand on the bases, "washing" them in water mixed with black paint to give them shadows, and finally putting a clear coat on them to keep the paint from coming off.

As I was doing it, I wanted my color scheme to be as close to the real thing as possible, but at the same time try to follow the color scheme of the game as best I could to make the game playable as well. I am very satisfied with the results and though I'm not the best painter, I think the pieces look 100 times better than they looked before. A big thanks goes out to Juan who helped me a lot, even painting the Gondor Army for me so I could play the game at IndyCon and Krista for helping me paint a couple evenings. It took 6 months, a lot of patience, and I'll never do it again.

Here is what they looked like before hand:

Picture by Craig Rose
Picture by Gordan Wong

Here are my pictures and paint job, now if I could only be better at taking pictures:



Easterlings & Southrons





Men of the North


Game in Progress


  1. Rock on! Nice job! :thumbsup: Wish I had the patience for something like this. :-)

  2. Those look AWESOME. Fantastic job!

  3. You possess an amazing amount of patience.
    Excellent job!