Tuesday, March 6, 2012

IndyCon 2012

So a big reason I haven't been writing quite as frequently is that IndyCon 2012 just finished up and that was a real drain on my time. With calling publishers, discussing plans with Dave, and updating the website and Facebook, getting tournament sign-ups it was busy. For some reason it felt like this year was more work than years past, but now after it is over, I'm excited for next year, even though I know it'll bring work, it'll also bring great fun!

I've already wrote a list of games I played which you can see here: IndyCon 2012 - The Year of the Known Game. So this blog post will be more about my thoughts and experiences about the convention and not the actual games.

I wasn't planning on taking any time off Thursday before the convention, but ended up taking a couple hours off to come home, spend a little time with the girls, then going to get the speaker from church and heading over to the hotel to set up. I got the speaker, though this year the PA system in the hotel was working, so we didn't need it. When I got to the hotel, we couldn't get in the whole room, so I came back to my house and got a second load of games and ate grabbed some food for the road. Then headed over to Dave's to help him get all his games, tables, food, etc. We had quite a bit of help, which was awesome, and so when we got to the hotel we began setting up the room and quickly as possible. Despite a lot of help, I didn't get out of there until about 9:30pm and I don't think Dave & Tami left until well after 10pm.

Friday morning Krista and I went on a date to Papa's Pancake house, which was recommended to us by some friends. It was okay, but nothing I'd go out of my way to get. I think I prefer IHOP. After breakfast we went over to IndyCon about 8:30am, finished helping set up and then got into our first game! Each year with IndyCon coming, I have more and more people I want to be sure to get in a game with. Of course, I never play with everyone I hoped to before the Con, but this year I played with 41 different people at least once! I think that is an impressive number. For dinner Krista and I went to Yats, which of course was awesome! I saw a ton of people with Yats at the Con. I'm going to have to talk to them next year about being a sponsor. Friday night we stuck around until nearly 1:30am, while I was waiting on Andrew for him to beat me in Crokinole.

Saturday was the big Warhammer: Invasion tourney, which was a blast for me, despite my middle-of-the-road showing by my High Elves Control deck. I also got to play some games with Brian and Steve from St. Louis, who had drove all the way there to Indy to game with us. They're some great guys and we had a good time playing several games together. During the raffle, which is always fun to give away so many games, my name was drawn for Santiago de Cuba which looks to be a good game from the rules. As we did last year, we went to dinner at Golden Corral with Jeremy & Annie. Logan also came. Buffets are pretty excellent, as my old coach taught me. Saturday night was Tichu, which due to some errors on my part and a few missed emails didn't run as smoothly as past years. We eventually did get the tournament done though and I had a great time as usual playing with my partner Logan. We don't get to see each other often anymore, so this is a highlight of the year when it comes to hanging out with each other. Krista went home early, Logan offered to take me home later, and so I stuck around and played a game of Ninjato. I'm going to win someday. I will.

Sunday was shorter as usual, with some great War of the Ring playing, some games with a few of the usual group of people I play with on a monthly basis at my house, and then loading all the games back in the vehicles, coming home, and doing something that is one of my favorite things about IndyCon....organizing my games back on the shelves. I know, that sounds strange, but there is a satisfying feeling about being done and having them all back on the shelves organized by box size.

IndyCon 2012 was a real success and I can't believe we're done with year 5. Looking forward to year 6 and more!

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