Saturday, August 20, 2011

Syrup on Toast

A somewhat traditional weekend meal in my family has been Syrup on Toast. My dad would make it quite often on a Saturday morning for himself and sometimes for us kids. My mom would also make it for us, but I think she felt it wasn't that healthy, so wasn't as excited about it. She was never excited about us eating sugar. We had a rule that you had to have a fruit or vegetable before you were allowed to have a cookie and the earliest you could have a cookie was 10am. Maybe that is why I've been relatively skinny until I got on my own and could eat cookies at 9am.

Well, back to the syrup on toast. I've taken over the semi-weekendly tradition and make it most Saturdays for myself. I've also taken over the "don't give a bunch of sugar" to my kid thing too, so Kaylee doesn't get it all the time. Though she has had it a couple times. It's a good Saturday morning thing, even though right now by the time we're done getting Kaylee's milk, cleaning up a spill, and trying to convince her to eat yogurt, my toast is usually cold.

Here is the recipe so you can make your Saturdays better: Put 4 pieces of bread in the toaster and toast them to a light brown. Then take them out, and cover them all in peanut butter. After this, use a fork and knife to cut them into small squares. Finally, slather them with syrup and enjoy!

Oh yeah, get a big glass of milk too.

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  1. I never liked the syrup on toast. But your Grandpa should have bought stock in the bread and syrup companies. Don't remember your Dad putting peanut butter on his. I never really liked PB and didn't have it on toast until after I got's good with a few chocolate chips sprinkled and spread on it while it is still warm. :)