Friday, March 18, 2011

Kid Number Two

So we've had kid number 2. However, we aren't going to call her Number 2. Unless, I am perhaps I'm trying to tell her exactly where she falls in the family tree. This isn't going to be a birth story, I get tired of those and let's be honest, their pretty gross. So this is just to say how we came up with the name.

We were discussing names with some friends one night and I mentioned that I'd like to name the next girl Arwen, from the Lord of the Rings, but that of course was met with stiff resistance from my wonderful wife. Our new friend Joey piped up why not Elanor, who was Samwise Gamgee's daughter, from the Return of the King. So Krista and I eventually compromised, and went with Elanor, so that's that.

Elanor is a small yellow flower found in Lothlorien. Galadriel wears them in her hair when she sees the fellowship off on their journey towards Mordor. Elanor, Sam's daughter, was said to grow up with great Elvenish beauty that was not common among her people.

So yeah, number two, is Elanor and yes it is from Lord of the Rings. If you find that funny, just imagine it as Eleanor and that she was named after a US President's wife.

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