Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I went geocaching with my FIL (for those of you who don't have the speak, that is Father-In-Law) around the Lawrence area. I've been geocaching before, so this wasn't a first time experience, but it was more interesting than the previous times I've gone. Two things happened that were interesting.

First, there was a lady that ran out of gas right while trying to turn left off of 56th Street. She was just sitting there and then the next thing we know, a white car behind her, sorta pushes/rams her forward trying to get her moving. I'm thinking they had to be friends, because she didn't seem too distraught. The white car then backs up as if to make another ram at the van without gas, since the first one didn't work quite as good as they hoped. Randy and I quickly ran across the street and pushed the van so that they remained friends and the van wouldn't be crushed and without gas.

Second, we found a cache around Fall Creek. It was well hidden with camo tape (something those crazy geocachers do in order to keep the normals from finding their hoards), but Randy still spotted it. Inside was some stuff, but there was a huge pink die. I decided to keep it and give it to any of the guys whining about how bad their dice rolling is going in a game. It'll be the Big Pink Whiner Die.

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