Friday, September 12, 2014

Living Life Together

This week marked the 5th year anniversary of our community group meeting for the first time. Our community group is comprised of 10 adults and 13 kids from Faith Church. We try and meet every other week together to discuss our faith in Jesus, our trails of life, pray together, and in general intentionally live life together for Christ.

This past weekend we went on a retreat to a lake house in Northern Indiana (sadly one of the families couldn’t make it) and had just an absolutely great time. I’m the only fisherman in the group, so I got up earlier both mornings and went out on the lake to catch some bass, which though it means I’m really tired at night (also angry one night after fishing for 30 minutes because I lost a HUGE ONE, but I don’t want to talk about it). We all then had breakfast together, with kids spread between two tables and adults just sitting around on couches or standing and discussing the day. Then throughout the day we would boat together, tubing and skiing (and attempting to ski), wrangling lunch and supper, disciplining and playing with the kids, then finally getting all the kids in bed. The adults then stayed up late, playing games, discussing life, heaven, and Jesus,  and answering questions like what brought our group together, and finally when everyone is so tired their blurring their words going to bed (Which isn’t late as you think, because all those kids can really wear someone out!).

Living Life Together is what we call our group and that is what we really try to do, because we truly believe that in order for us to grow in Christ and we must also grow together. I hear far too often from Christians that they don’t need to be in church, that they can love God on their own, because after all it is a personal relationship. That is contrary to what scripture says and also practically just not good. My family and my walk with Christ have been strengthened from living in community with fellow believers. He has used them to encourage us during trials, help us move & watch our kids, sharpen our beliefs, and fill our lives with laughter. Our kids get their lives invested in by other adults and they get to see how those adults also live and follow after Christ. In return, we get to encourage, help, and invest right back into the other families’ lives as well.

This post started out as a “let me tell you about my weekend” post, but I guess I’ll end it as a challenge and encouragement to those Christians reading this. Get involved in a local group of believers! Don’t just walk in the door Sunday morning at 11am and rush out as soon as the sermon is over at noon. Be intentional, find where you can fit in, and live in community with other believers. Yes we are not perfect and yes there are just as many hypocrites in the church as there are at the local country club, but we aren’t called to live our lives on our own!

If you won't take my word for it, here are some verses to read and consider: 

Hebrews 10:25 - Don't forsake meeting together.
Romans 12:5 - We are one body.
1 Corinthians 12:12-27 - We're all one body and have a purpose.
Ephesians 5 - Reminds us that Christ is the head of the Church.

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