Monday, July 7, 2014

Every 100 Games Series - One Night Ultimate Werewolf

During Geekway to the West, I played this game 12 different times. One of those times was my 5,200th played game. One Night Ultimate Werewolf was the go to filler for me during that convention, since so many people already know the basic premise of the game and we could get it going quickly.

Game Play
Well, if you've ever played Werewolf/Mafia, then you know the basic premise of this game. There are hidden roles such as werewolves, seer, villagers, masons, town drunk, and other roles that are dealt out to all the players secretly. There are also three roles that are put in the center that nobody knows about. Then everyone closes their eyes, werewolves open their eyes to see who the other werewolves are, other roles do various things such as switch with another player, look at other player roles, open their eyes to see who is on their team, etc. Once all the special abilities have been taken, the game begins. Basically everyone talks and vote simultaneously for the person they think is a werewolf. Whoever gets the most votes is lynched and the game is over. If a werewolf dies the villager team wins. If a villager dies, the werewolf team wins. That is it. Usually takes about 10-15 minutes and doesn't even need a moderator like the regular version of Werewolf!

There isn't a whole lot to this game. Just some rules and role cards with cute art on them. They are more like tiles than cards, which if it is anything like my copy of Avalon, will see a lot of wear. Perhaps regular sized cards that could be sleeved would've been better. However, the game only costs like $12, so just buy another copy if it gets too worn out.

Strategy & Tactics
You got to be a good liar or be able to read other people. The same things that apply in regular Werewolf apply in this game. You try to catch people in a lie, try to see where they slipped up in telling their story. Perhaps it is you who takes a chance and says you are the Seer, hoping against hopes that the Seer is one of the 3 cards in the middle and nobody else can refute you. The game is all about the slow con or the fast one.

I loved this game for several reasons. It is very fast. It doesn't require a moderator, which though fun, can be a big downside in regular Werewolf. There are enough variety in the roles to give each game a different and fun feel. There is no player elimination, which can be a huge downside in regular Werewolf. To wrap it up, this game is absolutely great and for the price, I don't think you can go wrong, unless you absolutely hate hidden role games.

Resistance Owners - This is me. So this recommendation is to me as well as others. Buy the game. Sometimes people get tired of playing the same lying, hidden role game out there. This one gives you options.

Regular Werewolf/Mafia Players - I'd say get this as well. It might not be the same as Werewolf, but if you only have 8 players, I think this is a better choice. Even if you have 10 players, I still think it is a better choice, simply because of player elimination. I'm not sure I'll ever play a regular version of Werewolf again.

Honest Abe Gamers - Don't bother. Still lots of lying in this one. So if you don't like doing that or just are really poor at it, then you might skip this one. Sometimes it is a good thing to be a good liar or maybe it is a good thing that you are a bad liar?

*Every 100 Games Series - Back in March of 2006 I began tracking each session of the various board and card games I play. I soon got the idea to write a review on every 100th game I played, one because I like writing reviews, and two because it is interesting to see what game I review next. You can find a list of all of them here: Every 100 Games Series Reviews. All images are from BGG and if you follow their URL you can find them there.

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