Monday, April 28, 2014

100th Geocache

So normally I post about Every 100 Games that I've played. This time I'm going to post about the 100th geocache we found. It'll only take a couple more years for my 200th one. Geocaches are more rare in my house than board games.

We went out for an evening of geocaching as a family. It is a bit hard to get 3 kids in and out over and over again from a van, but we were able to find 4 caches and had a DNF (Did Not Find) on one cache where it looked like the fence row had recently been cleaned out and thus probably caused a cache casualty. The 100th find for us was Heavy Metal out in McCordsville. It is on a metal bridge over a creek. Just a simple car key magnet stuck to the guard rail.

I like bridge caches, perhaps not as much as my wife likes the actual bridges, but I do enjoy them. However, my favorite caches are cemetery ones, where you can wonder around and see all the grave stones and think about the lives those people led and search for the oldest stone. Those caches tend to be nice and peaceful, though I've found a couple near a busy road that weren't so much.

The geocaching adventures continue and I need to find 24 more to meet my year goal. I'm hoping to put out my very own cache soon and also send a few more travel bugs into the wild this year. The picture below is after our 101st find, which was out at the McCordsville Cemetery.

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