Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kaylee and the Moon

This is definitely part of the "life" portion of this blog. This last week it was my turn to drive Kaylee to Cubbies (sorta a Christian boy/girl scouts) on Wednesday night. As we pulled out of our drive, Kaylee noticed the moon in the sky even though it was still daylight. No big deal, I say, "yep, there it is."

Well, by the time we pull out of our neighborhood, she starts getting really excited. "Dad, the moon is following us!" I try to explain that it is so far away, that it doesn't really matter how far we go, it'll still be there with us. She of course says, "oh" in that 4 year-old way, that many of us still use when we're 30 years-old, that means we don't have a clue.

As we start down the highway, she says, "Dad, it is still there. I'm watching it and it is still there." At this point, I've given up on explaining and just agree with her. Then we turn on Meridian from the highways and she exclaims, "That stinkin' moon! It will not stop following us!" I'm laughing at this point. She is still trying to figure it out. Offering explanations of perhaps Jesus is making the moon follow us or somehow the Earth is making the moon follow us.

Now that I've wrote this down, it'll be a good memory many years down the road. It'll be following us, just like the moon was that day.

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