Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Snow Chair

We had the last snow of the year yesterday, at least I hope so, because I'm ready to go fishing. Normally March is my thinkin' 'bout fishin' month. Not so much this year. Anyways, Kaylee and I went out and played in the snow. It was perfect for making snowballs, snowmen, and Kaylee's favorite thing, Snow Chairs.

She insisted, before making a snowman, we make a snow chair. I told her I'd make her a Snow Throne, but she didn't like that idea, so snow chair is what we ended up making (I still think it turned out more like a throne). We had a really good time, played in the snow for about an hour, and even shoveled the driveway. Though that seemed pointless as it has almost melted off today anyways.

Our snowman, didn't have a hat, so Kaylee was satisfied with ears instead. That is about it. This blog is about theology, board games, and life. Most of the time, after writing for a year, theology and board games bleed into life (especially theology), but this post is simply about life. Playing in the snow with a three year old. Good and fun times.

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  1. Cute pictures. She has really matured. I like the ears on the snowman. ;) You are making wonderful memories.