Saturday, January 26, 2013


In first Thessalonians Paul admonishes them in chapter 5 to do a lot of things, be thankful, don't return evil for evil, to be sober. However, he also throws in "pray without ceasing" and that is what I wanted to talk about today. I've never been what you'd call a "Prayer Warrior". My grandma Pat is for sure, but I'm still lacking in that discipline. However, I have taken up a reminder to myself to pray for my children.

Every time I see a digital clock say 11:11, usually in the morning, since I'm unlikely to be up most night at 11:11, I pray for my girls. I pray that they'll come to know Jesus like I know him and even more so. I pray that they'll listen and obey their momma and I. I pray that Krista and I will in-turn raise them right, be patient with them (something I fail at plenty), and invest in their lives. I pray for their future husbands, that wherever they are, they are growing in their love for Christ. Finally, I might pray for something specific that is happening that day such as Ella's snotty nose (okay, that one is happening every day and has since she was born) or Kaylee's latest hurt.

These prayers don't take any time really, often before 11:12 comes around I'm done. They are silent, they don't bother others, but they help me pray without ceasing. Of course, nobody really prays without ceasing, but the point that Paul was making and the point that I'm making is that prayer should be a part of your life. It, like his other commands, should be how you live and who more important to pray for then the beings God has trusted to you to raise and given you stewardship and responsibility over?

It's funny, since I started doing this, I've noticed how much more I notice it is 11:11. I have begun looking for it, hoping I'll see it. Of course, I can pray whenever (that's what is so awesome about not having to have a priest or sacrifice to intercede for me), but having this reminder to pray in a busy, pre-occupied day is a good thing.

Here is a cool source of potential prayers for your children:


  1. God has been challenging me to pray specific verses over my kids-of course I didn't know where to start. But He has been faithful and given me a few here and there as He sees fit. It's a blessing we should never take for granted.