Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guild of Thieves Update #4

It's been about 4 months since I last updated you on Guild of Thieves, the game I'm designing, or at this point I should say have designed! The game rules are pretty much in their final format, though I'm still open for suggestions and tweaks, and still have a prototype copy loaned out to a new blind play-tester. Well, he can see, it's just that he never has played before and I won't be there to explain.

The last time you saw me, I was trying to figure out if I'd leave the Jewels in the game, but now I know. The answer is yes, but not really. I'm changing the Feast to Jewels, because to me it seems much more likely for a thief to steal some jewels than a feast, unless of course it is a really fat thief, which means he is likely not the best thief. You see my conundrum. I'm then getting rid of the old "Jewels" which is the item that is worth more points the more of them you have. That will be part of the expansion "Prince Ali Goes Bad" coming in December 2012! I'm joking...or am I?

I was hoping to take a completed game to Geekway to the West next week for their design contest, but with the busy schedule of life, it just won't happen. However, I still might take a prototype that I have, even though it doesn't look very good. Jeremy, the artist and graphic design guy on this project, who has willingly given up his own time free of charge to complete this project is closer than ever with being done. He sent me some sent me some of the final version of the cards or almost final versions! Personally, my favorite is the Magic Carpet (though I think I just realized I probably should change the name to Flying Carpet, since all these items are supposed to be magical). I'll post them below, but please don't get so excited you wet yourself, this is just a game folks. A game that hopefully will be available for sale in June of 2012 through the Game Crafter.




  1. Cool! Let me know when it's ready! :)


  2. Do you have the rules ready to share? I'd be interested in looking at them. I could probably cajole some people at work to do a blind test for you if you are interested.