Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Madden Challenge

Over Thanksgiving I got to spend some time with my buddy Trevor and we played 15 games of Madden 11 over the time we were there. I beat him 9 games to 6. I always play with the Colts and he always plays with the Vikings. We've been playing versions of XBox football since 2005. We've played hundreds of games since then, which isn't an exaggeration.

When we were still playing NFL 2K5 (which may be the best console football game ever), we did a best of 100 series. We played something like 125 games of Madden 2007. We were both working full time, our wives were still in college, and so in the evening while they were doing homework we'd play best of 3 series. This was really easy since we lived next door to each other. Then he moved to Minnesota and I moved back to the Hoosier state.

Since then we've played like this last weekend, when we happened to be visiting each other, with our record being 30 games in 5 days (yes, we're obsessed). We've also played a couple dozen times via XBox live as well. Without a doubt, even more than my board games, Madden football games is my most played type of game. I'm still not good at it, since but nothing like booting up for some Colts v. Vikings action and telling your buddy to shut it as you sack his quarterback.

Some other things Trevor and I competed in while in Minnesota, I was able to come out ahead this time, next time it'll probably be him
Ping-Pong: 5 to 3
Air Hockey: 2 to 1
Bowling: 2 to 1
3 Point Shoot Out: 2 to 1
Monopoly: 1 to 0 (I am never playing this game ever again. I think I might write someday how come)


  1. You didn't keep track of who was the fastest diaper changer?

  2. Actually we did race to see who could button up a sleeper once. Trevor beat me.

  3. Hmmm...maybe I'll get back into playing Madden someday...

  4. Racing in child-care. Now THAT'S a competitor!