Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I know this blog tends to be about theology or board games or sometimes some geeky things I’m doing,
but in reality it is also about life. Though life can be all these things, it is much more than that. So I
wanted to write a bit about something that I’ve been doing with Kaylee for the past few weeks when I
come home from work.

I pull in the drive from work, get out of my truck, and come through the garage door into the dining
room. Kaylee is usually there, pretty excited about seeing me. I’ll usually give her a hug and kiss and then
go give Krista one too. Eventually, maybe after checking my email or talking with Krista or just sitting on
the couch, I make it back to the bedroom to change out of my work clothes. This is when Kaylee wants
to play “kgeekaboo floor”. First she insists that I put her up in the bed, then she wants to be covered
up. Next she asks me to lay down with her and get under the covers. I tickle her a bit and she and I play
peek-a-boo with the covers. Eventually though she starts saying it, “kgeekaboo floor daddy! Kgeekaboo
floor!” What this means is she wants me to slide, under the covers the whole time, off the bed on the
floor. Then squiggle around to the other side of the bed and jump up and yell “boo!” while maybe
tickling her. She greets this action with squeals of delight.

So that, my readers, is life.