Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bean Boozled

Last week while I was in DC a former co-worker gave me some Jelly Beans called "Bean Boozled". These beans come in a variety of flavors that include Top Banana, Coconut, Juicy Pear, Blue Berry, Licorice, and other great tasting flavors. They also come in some rather unsavory flavors such as Booger, Pencil Shavings, Baby Wipe, Centipede, Rotten Egg, and Moldy Cheese among several other generally nasty and gross flavors. The best part about them is you don't know from looking at them or smelling them whether you are getting a good tasting one or a bad tasting one. They have been a great source of fun for a couple coworkers and I!

The first day back I put them in a small cup on a file cabinet by my cube. I noticed some missing, so I know somebody had walked by and grabbed some. I wonder what flavor they got? Then I gave one to my buddy Sean, he about puked right there when he bit into that Rotten Egg flavored one. Laura was my next unsuspecting victim and she got something like Juicy Pear first, but it was so good she wanted another and I dished up some Rotten Egg for her too! Then came Angie who ate two beans, one good and one bad, without even complaining. Just said one tasted a bit like burnt popcorn. By now though, everyone has realized that the Jelly Beans aren't to be messed with.

Now though we've made a game of it. Occassionally throughout the day, when someone comes by my cube, we'll play Jelly Bean Roulette and each eat a bean. At first I lived with Pencil Shavings and Baby Wipes, I mean they weren't the worst thing ever. Centipede and Booger were actually pretty similar, the latter being a bit more "slimey" tasting than the former, but overall not call enough for an immediate glass of water or a mint. Then I got Moldy Cheese. That was absolutely horrible! Instand mint needed and a doggy bag just in case. However, there have been the nice tasting banana flavor or the Strawberry Jam.

So if you want to spice up your day, live on the edge of life, or just like to take a risk every-once-in-a-while, go get some Bean Boozled today and take a bite of nice, juicy, thick....Booger.

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